Projects Running


IDProject NamePICo-PITypeFunding AgencyStatus
1001Genetic Improvement of Solanaceous Vegetable CropsDirectorMajor Singh, D.S. Yadav, R.K. Saritha, M.H. Kodandaram, N. Rai, H.C. Prasanna, S.K. Tiwari, Rajesh Kumar, A.B. Rai, M. LoganathanInhouseInstituteOngoing
1002Development of Transgenics Resistant to Fruit Borer in Tomato and Eggplant Through Bt GeneMajor SinghSanjeev KumarInhouseInstituteOngoing
1003Development of PCR Based Marker for Sex Expression in Pointed GourdSanjeev KumarSudhakar Pandey, H.C. Prasanna, D.R. BhardwajInhouseInstituteOngoing
1004Genetic Improvement of OkraB. SinghS.K. Sanwal, Sanjeev Kumar, J. Halder, R.K. SarithaInhouseInstituteOngoing
1005Improvement of Cole Crops and Root CropsB. SinghP.K. SinghInhouseInstituteOngoing
1006Genetic Improvement of Gourd CropsD.R. BhardwajSudhakar Pandey, A.B. Rai, S. SahaInhouseInstituteOngoing
1007Genetic Improvement of Melons, Squash and Ash GourdSudhakar PandeyD.S. Yadav, D.R. Bhardwaj, S. SahaInhouseInstituteOngoing
1008Genetic Improvement of Minor Gourd CropsP.K. SinghB.R. Choudhary, T. Chaubey, D.R. BhardwajInhouseInstituteOngoing
1009Genetic Improvement of Watermelons and SatputiaP.K. SinghSudhakar Pandey, D.S. Yadav, M. LoganathanInhouseInstituteOngoing
1010Genetic Improvement of LuffaT. ChaubeyB.R. Choudhary, D.R. Bhardwaj, Ramesh SinghInhouseInstituteOngoing
1011Genetic Improvement of CucumberSudhakar PandeyD.S. Yadav, M. LoganathanInhouseInstituteOngoing
1012Genetic Improvement of CowpeaHira LalN. RaiInhouseInstituteOngoing
1013Genetic Improvement of PeaS.K. SanwalM LoganathanInhouseInstituteOngoing
1014Genetic Improvement of French Bean and Indian BeanN. RaiHira Lal, D.S. Yadav, A.B. RaiInhouseInstituteOngoing
1015Development of Virus Resistant Cucurbits Through Biotechnological InterventionsS.K. TiwariR.K. Saritha, Sanjeev KumarInhouseInstituteOngoing
1016Standardization of Techniques for Prolonging Storage Life of Vegetable SeedsP.M. SinghRajesh KumarInhouseInstituteOngoing
1017Maintenance of Seed Health in Vegetable Seed ProductionRajesh KumarManimurugan C, T. Chaubey, M.H. Kodandaram, P.M. Singh, S. SahaInhouseInstituteOngoing
1018Germplasm Charactrerization and Varietal Identification/DNA Fingerprinting of Vegetable Crops Using Molecular MarkersS.K. Tiwari InhouseInstituteOngoing
1019Survey, Identification and Development of Micronutrient Fertilizer Packages for Vegetable Growers of Varanasi RegionK.P. SinghR.B. Yadava, Anant BahadurInhouseInstituteOngoing
1020Long Term Impacts of Organic and Inorganic Vegetable Based Production Systems on Soil Health and ProductivityR.B. YadavaK.P. Singh, S.N.S. Chaurasia, Sudhir Singh, R.P. Sharma, T.D. LamaInhouseInstituteOngoing
1021Studies on Vegetable Based Cropping System and Standardization of Sowing Dates for Efficient Resource UseA.K. PandeyR.P SharmaInhouseInstituteOngoing
1022Integrated Plant Nutrient Management of Important Vegetable CropsS.N.S. ChaurasiaK.P. Singh, Sudhir Singh, R.B. YadavaInhouseInstituteOngoing
1023Technological Options for Improving Water Productivity in Vegetable CropsAnant BahadurK.P. Singh, T.D. Lama, R.P. Sharma, D.K. SinghInhouseInstituteOngoing
1024Soil Health Assessment of IIVR Farm for Development of Sustainable Management StrategiesR.P. SharmaR.B. Yadava, T.D. Lama, Anant Bahadur, K.P. SinghInhouseInstituteOngoing
1025Impact of Tillage and residue Management on Soil Properties and Productivity of a Vegetable Production SystemT.D. LamaR.B. Yadava, Anant Bahadur, R.P. SharmaInhouseInstituteOngoing
1026Enhancing Input Use Efficiency in Vegetable Crops Through Good Agricultural PracticesR.N. PrasadR.B. Yadava, S.N.S. Chaurasia, T.D. LamaInhouseInstituteOngoing
1027Assessment of Nutritional and Medicinal Value of Some Important Vegetable CropsJagadish SinghMathura Rai, Rajesh KumarInhouseInstituteOngoing
1028Standardization of Processing Techniques of Selected VegetablesSudhir SinghK.P. SinghInhouseInstituteOngoing
1029Hurdle Concept for Preservation of VegetablesSudhir SinghK.P. Singh, R.B. Yadava, S.N.S. Chaurasia, S. SahaInhouseInstituteOngoing
1030Impact of Improved Vegetable Technologies Developed by IIVRNeeraj SinghA.B. Rai, B. Singh, S.N.S. ChaurasiaInhouseInstituteOngoing
1031Standardization of Vegetable Production Technology Under Protected ConditionDirectorS.N.S. Chaurasia, R.N. Prasad, Sudhir Singh, Anant Bahadur, R.P. Sharma, M.H. KodandaramInhouseInstituteOngoing
1032Host Plant Resistance and Management of Thrips-Mite Complex in ChilliA.B. RaiM.H. Kodandaram, J. Halder, Rajesh KumarInhouseInstituteOngoing
1033Refinement, Evaluation and Validation of IPM Modules for Important Insect Pests of Brinjal, Tomato, Okra, Cabbage and Bitter GourdA.B. RaiM.H. Kodandaram, J. Halder, Satyandra Singh, Neeraj SinghInhouseInstituteOngoing
1034Toxicological Investigations on the Newer Biorational and Plant Origin Insecticides Against Major Insect Pests of VegetablesM.H. KodandaramA.B. Rai, J. HalderInhouseInstituteOngoing
1035Management of Leaf Miners and Sucking Pests in Vegetabel CropsM.H. KodandaramA.B. Rai, J. HalderInhouseInstituteOngoing
1036Management of Important Fungal Diseases of Major Vegetable CropsM. LoganathanS. Saha, V. Venkataravanappa, Satyandra Singh, A.B. RaiInhouseInstituteOngoing
1037Management of Major Bacterial Diseases of Important Vegetable CropsSujoy SahaM. Loganathan, M.H. Kodandaram, V. Venkataravanappa, A.B. RaiInhouseInstituteOngoing
1038Management of Tospoviruses Infecting Important Vegetable CropsR.K. SarithaM. Loganathan, S. Saha, M.H. Kodandaram, V. Venkataravanappa, A.B. RaiInhouseInstituteOngoing
1039Studies on Phytoparasitic Nematodes Infecting Major Vegetable Crops and Their Ecofriendly ManagementSatyandra SinghA.B. Rai, M. Loganathan, M.H. KodandaramInhouseInstituteOngoing
1040Biological Control of Major Insect Pests of Vegetable CropsJ. HalderA.B. Rai, M.H. Kodandaram, S. SahaInhouseInstituteOngoing
1041Diagnosis and Management of Emerging Begomoviruses in CucurbitsV. VenkataravanappaM. Loganathan, M.H. Kodandaram, A.B. Rai, Sudhaker PandeyInhouseInstituteOngoing
1042Application of Microorganisms in Agriculture and Allied Sectors (AMAAS)Major Singh ExternalICAROngoing
1043National Project on Transgenic Crops (NPTC)Major SinghSanjeev Kumar, Rajesh Kumar, A.B. RaiExternalICAROngoing
1044Molecular Breeding in CropsMajor SinghH.C. Prasanna, Rajesh Kumar, N. RaiExternalICAROngoing
1045Agro Waste Management, Bioremediation and Post Harvest Processing under AMAASSudhir Singh ExternalICAROngoing
1046Nutrient Management, PGPR and BiocontrolM. LoganathanA.B. Rai, S. SahaExternalICAROngoing
1047Outreach Programme on Phytophthora, Fusarium and Ralstonia Diseases of Horticulture and Field CropsM. LoganathanS. Saha, R.K. Saritha, V. VenkataravanappaExternalICAROngoing
1048Outreach Programme on Leaf Spot Diseases of Horticulture and Field CropsM. LoganathanA.B. Rai, R.K. Saritha, V. VenkataravanappaExternalICAROngoing
1049Fruit and Shoot Borer Resistance in EggplantMajor SinghA.B. RaiExternalDBTOngoing
1050Identification of Sources of Resistance Against Dolichos Yellow Mosaic Virus (DYMV) and Molecular Diversity in Indian Bean (Dolichos lablab L.)N. Rai ExternalDBTOngoing
1051Ensuring Livelihood Security Through Watershed Based Farming System Modules in Disadvantageous Districts of Mirzapur and Sonabhadra in Vindhya RegionNeeraj SinghB. Singh, A.B. Rai, S.N.S. Chaurasia, S. SahaExternalNAIP-ICAROngoing
1052Bioprospecting of Genes and Allele Mining for Abiotic ToleranceSudhakar PandeySanjeev KumarExternalNAIP-ICAROngoing
1053Mobilizing Mass Media Support for Sharing Agro InformationA.K. PandeyR.P. SharmaExternalNAIP-ICAROngoing
1054Validating Crop Specific DUS Testing Guidelines for Cucumber (Cucumis sativus), Bottle Gourd (Lagenaria sinceraria), Bitter Gourd (Momordica charantia), Pumpkin (Cucurbita maschata) and Pointed Gourd (Trichosanthes dioca)B. SinghD.R. Bhardwaj, Sudhakar Pandey, Rajesh KumarExternalPPV&FRA, MOA, GOIOngoing
1055Central Sector Scheme for Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ RightsB. SinghRajesh KumarExternalPPV&FRA, MOA, GOIOngoing
1056DUS Testing for MuskmelonSudhakar Pandey ExternalPPV&FRA, MOA, GOIOngoing
1057National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA)Major SinghN. Rai, Rajesh Kumar, Anant Bahadur, S.K. TiwariExternalICAROngoing